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Weightlifting @SummerFest Action


Date: 20 July 2017(Thu)


Time: 2pm - 6pm


由香港舉重聯同香港唯一的Strongman 健身中心Ursus Fitness,為本地青少年舉辨前所未有的肌力及爆發力訓練體驗。
啟發青少年活出更強壯及更健康的人生。一眾頂尖運動員及有經驗的教練將透過三個肌力及爆發力的訓練模式:1. 奧林匹克式舉重,2. 健力舉重,3.Strongman,讓香港人更明白重力訓練的好處,打破傳統「重力訓練就是大隻」的思維。

Hong Kong Weightlifting teams up with Ursus Fitness, the only Strongman gym in Hong Kong, to create a never-before-seen strength and power training experience for local youth crowd. Working with elite athletes and accomplishes coaches who break the stereotypical look of a "muscle-bound steroid-user" will help educate people in Hong Kong about the benefits of training in the three strength and power disciplines: 

1. Olympic Weightlifting

2. Powerlifting

3. Strongman