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Body Mind Spirit ThankQ Festival

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Date: 18 August 2017​(Fri)





「身心靈平台」有幸獲得Central Venue Management (CVM) 邀請,在「中環夏誌」合辦「身心靈平台健康週」。8月14-17連續四天的工作坊,反應熱烈,早已超額滿座。徇眾要求,我們在健康週的最後一天舉辦「身心靈.818.感謝祭」,推廣身心靈健康,傳達「感恩」的力量,與眾同樂,掀起健康週的高潮!



Body Mind Spirit Platform is honoured to join SummerFest and co-organise the BMSP Health Week with Central Venue Management (CVM) from August 14 to 17, during which different kinds of workshops are arranged. To our pleasant surprise, all workshops have been fully booked in no time. Due to popular demand, Body Mind Spirit ThankQ Festival will be held as the grand finale of the Health Week on August 18, with the aim of promoting body-mind-spirit health and passing on the power of gratitude. 

We are grateful for the generous help of Dreams Possible, the main supporter of the event. They have invited two special guests to hold two public seminars, and 16 body-mind-spirit trainers-teachers will come together for the very first time to set booths, and share with all participants their knowledge through experience-based workshops. They will use a variety of tools, methods and experiential exercises to help the public learn about body-mind-spirit health, including topics such as personal growth, energy healing, making peace with family of origin, and so on. There will also be programmes such as music, magic shows, expressive art etc for people to enjoy. Come join us for a fun summer evening, and give yourself a refreshing break that you deserve!

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