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Living Art Space 《Sweat It Out: The Art of Sweating》@SummerFest



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流汗能夠釋放更多安多芬,讓身心充滿歡樂。流汗藝術節由FILA Hong Kong全力支持,召集大小朋友一齊動起來,參與健身單車、Animal Flow Exercise、家庭瑜伽等項目,並邀得運動員作分享,鼓勵忙碌的香港人關注運動對身體藝術的重要性。

Work-out can stimulate the production of endorphins and lends us a rosy glow of happiness. Brought by FILA Hong Kong, Sweat It Out offers a variety of sports, including indoor cycling, animal flow exercise, family yoga, plus the sharing sessions by athletes, to move both adults and children, and also let busy Hongkongers understand the importance of exercises on body aesthetics.