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Smartizen Park @SummerFest

15/7/2019 - 1/9/2019





園區內最大展館設置最新網絡安全(Cyber Security)及金融科技(FinTech)的介紹,更有電子競技遊戲,遊人可在此體驗城市賽車的刺激快感。Siemens (西門子)展館展出多功能智慧燈柱模型及路旁智能監測盒子等,以支持智慧城市管理。





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The ‘Smart City’ concept has become a global trend. As part of the summer events series, the first ever Smartizen Park will showcase happier, healthier and smarter lifestyles with three highlights: EXPERIENCE zone, LEARN zone and PLAY zone. Featuring displays of technologies via a host of interesting and interactive approach, the event shows how new technologies are being integrated into our daily lives and leisure time, as well as leads Hong Kong toward an intelligent prospect. The event will also outline a host of edu-taining activities and programmes to help nurture the talents of the next generation for a smarter, more successful and more sustainable future.

Visitors can discover a series of interesting interactive games set up across a host of exhibition areas in the EXPERIENCE zone. Everyone is welcome to try the latest innovative Chinese calligraphy technology with an electronic brush and water to ‘write’ on a 4K touch screen and share your own handwriting scroll via various instant communication apps. Kids too will enjoy the experience of the AR Aquarium, which lets them colour and bring to life their own fish by projecting them onto the virtual aquarium.


The latest information about cyber security solutions and FinTech are featured in the largest exhibition tent while eSports games offer children and youngsters the thrilling excitement of motor-racing.


Moreover, a number of smart city development technologies including multi-purpose smart lamp post model and embedded city box presented by Siemens will focus on ways to support smart city management.

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