Home Sweet Woo

Home Sweet Woof! Festival

Home Sweet Woof! Festival @SummerFest

29/7 - 6/8/2021


商業核心區首個「寵物」X「家庭」嘉年華。寵物家庭可與愛犬參加專業馴犬師工作坊,或與愛犬在遊樂狗區任跑任跳; 小朋友可參加各式手工藝工作坊及遊戲活動,還有健康生活資訊活動和市集。一家各取所需,開心度假。

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Treat your doggies to a day of free running in the spacious obstacle playground and your kids to play games and handicrafts workshops in this first ever pets x family carnival at the heart of the business centre. Together you can learn from a professional dog trainer and visit the bazaar. It’s all about family fun!

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