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Think of a Style X CAMPERISM Camping Village @中環夏誌·眾同樂


Date: 27 August 2017(Sun)


Camping Village 將融合市集及品牌展示,市集將帶來本地MYOG品牌、日本及海外手作outdoor gear品牌,而展示部落將會帶來國際品牌,包括SNOW PEAK,  擁有100年歷史的Ogawa, NORDISK, Mountain Hardware及來自韓國的Pitch Origin,再配合不同的camping gear,將成為不可錯過的photo point!

Camping Village shall comprise Market Zone and Showcase Zone. Local brand MYOG, and other outdoor gear brands will be shown in the Market Zone. International brands such as a century-old brand Ogawa, NORDISK, Mountain Hardware and Korean brand Pitch Origin will be placed in the Showcase Zone. Gathering all these wonderful brands makes Camping Village be the photo point which you can't miss this summer!